RLLQPH is the personal gateway to all my works.

I am an SEO Specialist and PHP Developer in Manila, Philippines.

Personal Sites

Portfolio Sites

  • Trend Micro – Securing your web world (Role: Virtual Product Tour Internal-Tools, Sizing Calculators)
  • Best One International – We move people for a brighter future (Role: Over-all web development)
  • New Horizons – Computer learning Centers (Role: Trainer)
  • ZillionLife – Providing zillion & one ways to change the health and wealth of the world (Role: Front-end design)
  • SitesoWeb That Works (Role: SEO Optimization, Live Support, CRM)
  • Boss Company – We Make I.T. Better (Role: SEO Optimization)
  • Team TV – AVO Tea, Groep (Role: SEO Optimization)
  • Wouter Stips – AVI Team Groep (Role: SEO Optimization)
  • Supply Chain Consulting – End-to-end Oracle and SAP solutions (Role: PHP Development; Web Maintenance)
  • ifafa Tech – Online gaming platform (Role: Converts PSD to HTML designs; Flash trainee)

Successful SEO Keywords

  • zodiac signs description – G:22th | Y:1st | B:3rd
  • noynoy funny pictures – G:1st | Y:1st B:3rd
  • manny villar funny pictures – G:3rd | Y:1st | B:17th
  • dragonica medals – G:1st | Y: 4th | B: 2nd
  • invisible man by 98 degrees – G:16th | Y:1st | B:NA
  • thalia marian rivera – G:1st | Y:1st | B:2nd
  • mediasentry – G:4th | Y:? | B:?
  • hama chisaki – G:34th | Y:1st | B:40th
  • karen tracy vitug photos – G: 1st | Y:1st | B: 1st
  • bus hostage taking in quirino grandstand – G: 1st | Y: 4th | B: 17th

    G = Google | Y = Yahoo | B = Bing
    web results only.

For SEO/PHP related projects (commissioned or part-time basis), you may contact me at rllqph@gmail.com or call/text me at 09336848284/09238465940 

View my resume here. (Text or email me for the password)

NOTE: This website is set to private mode and intended for headhunters only.


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